Art photographies

Cyril Manzini

He is dedicated to film photography and works with different cameras ranging from 35mm format to film camera (4x5 inch format). From the negatives, he himself produces the color and black and white silver prints in the darkroom of his laboratory, it is a precise work that perpetuates this traditional work.

Thus, he founded in 2020, La Maison de l'argentique, an online art photo gallery, intended to welcome a dozen photographers shortly. His eye, attracted by the great masters of painting, leads him in his search for aesthetics to carry out various advertising campaigns, photos for magazines or personal shootings.

The use of the Polaroid, and the various existing emulsions, leads him to complete his search for images in pastel, desaturated and dreamlike colors with a very particular rendering.

During his travels, he is inspired, marvels, sharpens his colorist eye again and approaches another form of relationship to time, particularly in Asia.