Art photographies

Diane Vo Ngoc

Through her photographic room, Diane finds in film photography a means of transcending borders and promoting a pacifist ideal, shaped by the history of her family marked by war. Each photo becomes an invitation to open oneself to the beauty of cultures and to discover artisanal traditions that are often unknown but of inestimable richness.

Diane uses a range of photographic techniques to bring her works to life, ranging from the practice of Polaroid to ancient processes such as wet collodion, albumen paper, platinum palladium prints, etc. Each technique brings a unique dimension to his photographs, adding a depth and richness that reflects the complexity of his subject.

In addition to her commitment to artistic photography, Diane has worked as a project manager in the luxury and advertising sector. His experience in these fields has allowed him to explore new creative horizons and perfect his art.

The “Paper Exploration” series explores paper crafts around the world and traditional clothing customs. In her film series highlighting world cultures, Diane Vo Ngoc captures the diversity and richness of traditions through authentic portraits. This fascination with the multiplicity of human expressions is also found in her Scherzando series, where she immortalizes street and circus artists. Using expired Polaroid films, Diane creates portraits imbued with timeless emotion. Diane Vo Ngoc has shared her work in galleries including:

Scherzando - Galerie l’Entrée des Artistes (Paris, France) - Juin 2023

Paper Exploration – Atelier/Galerie Taylor (Paris, France) - Septembre 2022

Paper Exploration - Foire PhotoDoc Paris - Expolaroid (Paris, France) - Mai 2022

Galerie l’Entrée des Artistes (Paris, France) - Novembre 2019

Corps et Âmes - Galerie l’Entrée des Artistes (Paris, France) - Novembre 2018

Floral Meditations - Art Capital - Grand Palais (Paris, France) - Février 2018

Paper Exploration - Art Capital - Grand Palais (Paris, France) - Février 2017