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Fresson print - Purification

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India, 2019

    • Limited to 8 originals: 7 available
    • Shot with a Rolleiflex
    • Available in traditional silver print or Fresson print
    • Hand-signed by the artist
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Other sizes and traditional silver print starting from 500 euros available upon request
    • Not framed (possible on request)
    • © Cyril Manzini

Available in a rare limited edition silver print or Fresson print (old alternative process : carbon print on paper). This method uses real pigments for each of the primary colors. As in painting, we work in subtractive selection to emulsify the paper. We will then expose and dry each layer before obtaining the final image. The print therefore requires a fortnight's work before leaving the workshop for a result between painting and photography

This travel photography has been shot on the ghats of Varanasi. Every morning you can assist to Indian peaple who immerge themself in the Ganges to purify their soul and pray. This ballet starts again every morning.

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