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Artisanal know-how

La Maison de l’argentique is first and foremost an invitation to travel and dream thanks to artisanal know-how.

Film photography is based on capturing the best lights, chemical reactions, and above all the artists keen eye.


Film photography is the fruit of a complex creation process which begins from the first shoot until the picture development. This artisanal process requires mastering many acquired techniques, an artistic vision, an enourmous amount of practice, and rigor.

The lab is a major step in the artistic process where the final direction is chosen for each image.

The paper sheets used by La Maison de l’argentique, are only traditional papers. Some are even ancestral, hence the timeless dimension added to certain images.

These handmade artistic prints are available on the online gallery and by appointment.


- Instant art Polaroid, 2022
- Salon national des beaux arts, silver medal Paris 2022

- Ingrid Deuss gallery, Belgium 2022

- 193 gallery, Paris 2021