The polaroid

Very popular in the last few years, Polaroid captivates since its beginings, thanks to its distinctive and smoothe effects into the final result.

Polaroids texture, its surrealistic colours, tainted like pastels, and intense black create its charm are just a few reasons for its unique beauty.

The use of various Polaroid emulsions complete the artists palet of techniques and nurtures his creativity. All this while adding the photo to the film thanks to the use of instant photo cameras : SX-70 or SLR-680.


It’s temporality is also unique, a fraction of a second in time needed for the picture, and only a few minutes for the latter to develop, are needed for the creation of this « falsly instantaneous » moment.


The Polaroid print is unique. However, it is possible to reproduce its effects on different art papers, by printing the image thanks to special pigmented ink.

The molecules that compose the ink are organic, resistant to light, and oxygenation, which preserves the photo print.


This is why La Maison de l’argentique’s online gallery proposes original Polaroids, as well as reproduced vintage collections, inspired by the originals, in a big format.