The traditional silver print - Photography

La Maison de l’argentique is first and foremost a unique know-how : traditional analog photography.

The images come from our different artists who works on photo formats from the 35mm to the 4x5 large format.

After developping the films, the artist studies the contact sheets so as to select the photos that will see the light of day. The following step is done by hand in the artists darkroom, using his photo enlarger. Only then can the photo print be made. The combinations of the photographers artistic vision and his artisanal know-how, are what makes this company so great.


The Fresson print are made in collaboration with l’Atelier Fresson. Founded 100 years ago, l’Atelier provides us with the full charcoal colour process, specific to fine art paper. It’s unique process is renound worldwide.

The use of such pigments in the final image brings the best out of both worlds that are so important to the aritst : the photo, and the painting.


La Maison de l'argentique propose limited edition silver prints.


* For all traditional analog photography of a format superior to 40x50, the artist works witht the Diamantino laboratory.

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