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Tattooed face old woman Myanmar photo black and white
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myanmar photo deco
myanmar photo deco
myanmar photo deco

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Silver print - The storyteller

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The storyteller
Myanmar, 2019

    • Traditional silver print (hand print in the darkroom)
    • Limited to 10 originals
    • Shot with a Rolleiflex camera
    • Hand-signed by the artist
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Other sizes available upon request
    • Not framed (possible on request)
    • © Cyril Manzini

Available in a limited edition. Hand print in the darkroom.

The artist who came to meet this people of women with tattooed faces whose tradition is doomed to disappear was a highlight of his trip. In the heights of the mountains, this woman smoking a pipe marked the photographer's mind with her history and the simplicity of her house.

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